what is fannie jane all about?

 What is fannie jane all about?  Inspiring appreciation for all things handmade. 

I wanted to create a gathering place for others who feel the same way I do.  Creating this is like building a house.  The website is the foundation. There's no limit to the amount of rooms we can add, and we can fill it with all the things we love.  A place we visit often, where we can inspire, teach, and motivate.  Up until now I haven't seen anything quite like this, and that's a good thing - because it should be genuine and authentic.  It feels like home to me  . . .   I hope you feel the same way.  Imagine walking up the front steps of a vintage farmhouse.  As you walk across the weathered wooden planks of the wrap-around front porch and enter through the screen door you see three chalkboards which represent fannie jane's thoughts about creating handmade.      read more