I've been making dolls for at least 30 years, (yikes - am I that old?) and my dolls have been published in both Stuffed doll magazine and Art Doll Quarterly.

As always, my original designs come from the stories I spin in my head, and they represent a character in a story.

All faces are hand painted, and some dolls have bodies completely hand painted as well.  

Some dolls are whimsical, fun, and fresh.  Others are meant to look as though they were found in Grandmas's attic, handmade by my two main characters, Fannie Jane and Ina Pearl.  As they are young girls, the dolls are meant to look handmade by a child, and will have some patches and repair stitching visible because these dolls are very well loved and slightly worn.  I will tea dye some of the fabrics so they look old, because they are - the girls are using old fabric scraps found in Grandma's cedar chest.

My wish is that my dolls bring a smile to your face, and you will treasure and love them as much as I have loved creating them for you!  


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