Well, hello!
My name is fannie jane
I love ric rac and polka dots
I believe
in handmade
Come along with me to my
handmade world
Are you ready? Let's roll!
(So nice to meet you)

 What is fannie jane all about?  Inspiring appreciation for all things handmade. 

I wanted to create a gathering place for others who feel the same way I do.  Creating this is like building a house.  The website is the foundation. There's no limit to the amount of rooms we can add, and we can fill it with all the things we love.  A place we visit often, where we can inspire, teach, and motivate.  Up until now I haven't seen anything quite like this, and that's a good thing - because it should be genuine and authentic.  It feels like home to me  . . .   I hope you feel the same way.  Imagine walking up the front steps of a vintage farmhouse.  As you walk across the weathered wooden planks of the wrap-around front porch and enter through the screen door you see three chalkboards which represent fannie jane's thoughts about creating handmade.      read more  


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Have you heard?

Have you heard?

 Have you heard the latest?  Well, let me tell you - fannie jane has been asked to write an article in the local gazette called "Meanwhile, back at the farm . . . " 

She feels it is quite an honor to be a published author and write for the local gazette. Some people might think the fact that her uncle is the editor could have something to do with it, but fannie jane knows that her excellent writing is what keeps her devoted readers coming back week after week.

She diligently pounds away at the keys of her old typewriter, keeping all her readers up to date with all that is new at the farm. She writes about the latest happenings, stories, new recipes and projects, and just about anything she can think of that she feels her devoted readers must know. 

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