Handmade monster boy bib

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This listing is for a handmade monster boy baby bib.  As hard as he tries to be scary, he only ends up looking cute!  He makes mealtime much more fun, and also does a great job of keeping "super droolers" dry.

It makes a perfect shower gift, birthday, or Christmas present.  Pair this bib up with the monster boy onesie for a gift that both mom and baby will love! 

Machine wash warm, gentle. No bleach. Machine dry low, gentle, or lay flat to dry.

Made from 100 percent cotton front, batting, and high quality absorbent terrycloth on the back.  Plastic snap for closure.  Snap manufacturers recommend no bleach and no high heat, which could impact the integrity of the snap.  Always check snaps and buttons on any clothing items before placing on a small child. 

Dimensions:  Measures approximately 10” across and 12” long.

Just my humble opinion: I would much rather give a handmade gift than one purchased at a big box store which was mass produced in a factory somewhere overseas.  There is something very personal and special about a handmade gift because it is made with love.

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