learn to sew beginner

Just as each child is as unique as their fingerprint, each will have a unique learning curve. Please keep this in mind as you and your child go through the lessons.
Take one lesson and skill at a time. After your child is comfortable with a technique, and seems eager to move on, try the next one.

Don’t try to learn too much at one time. It’s better to let the child absorb the technique
and feel a sense of accomplishment than try to rush .If your child shows signs of being frustrated he/she might not yet have the fine motor skills yet needed for hand sewing. If that’s the case, try again in a month or two!

This is supposed to be a fun experience. If it’s is stressful or your child feels a sense
of failure they may not want to try again. I truly hope this is a wonderful experience for both you and your child.

Handcrafting has become such a huge part of my life. I’m not sure what I would do
with myself if I didn’t create. Not only do I love doing it, I have been able to earn
money, make new friends with common interests, save money by making gifts, and even
calm myself when I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Some people may seem to catch on more quickly or have an inborn sense of how to
do some handcrafting skills. . . or the patience to learn them!
I can promise you that it took me forever to learn how to do some things, and only my
determination and patience to learn is why I am able to do these skills.

Don’t think for a minute that you just “aren’t good” at something.

With patience and practice you can learn. Some of the greatest artists and craftsmen
and women were able to create amazing works of art because they never quit trying.

Encourage your child to relax, have fun, and don’t aim for perfection.

Handmade is not supposed to be perfect. Part of the charm of handmade lies within
the little inconsistencies and imperfections.

Generally children are delighted with their handwork. It’s when we become adults and
compare outselves to others that we because critical of our own work. Remind your child
that the process of creating handmade is the real blessing.